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Almost every client I work with wants to know the secrets of keeping their hair flawless and awesome, the way they look when they are leaving my hair salon. My response is simple, it’s the little care you take every day that matters the most.

Many woman find it challenging to maintain their hair on their own. This is why I created this online training where I will be interacting with you individually, and helping you understand and apply all of my head wrapping techniques and hair care strategies.

Know your hair type and how can you take care of your hair.

Learn my proven Simple hair wrapping strategies that cover your hair within seconds.

Learn how to design your unique head wraps at home.

Learn how I create some of my best and stylish head covers.

And discover some of my best hair care secrets that only the experts know.


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Get my exclusive training content, the material reserved for my VIP clients.   

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Work with me one on one to improve your looks and how you present yourself out there.


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Get exclusive help with your casual, professional and executive style.

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Understand the dynamics of personal fashion and create your own style trend.

Why take my online classes? Is this class for you?

Of course you want to look your best every day and each day has to be different. You cannot change your hair style every day, but you sure can change the way you wrap your hair. My goal is to teach you different head wrapping and scarf wearing techniques that are not only unique but can give you a whole new look. You can use my techniques in hundreds of ways and come up with an uncountable number of styles.

How do I join the your classes?

Once you register through this page, you are directed to an appointment page where you can select the time of your choice and make the deposit. My team checks everything and if everything is in order, we make arrangement for the class and notify you via email and phone.

How long is each session?

We have different session durations. Normally a session is of 45 minutes, but depending on the topic we are discussing and kind of training we are having, it can be longer or shorter.

Can I invite my friends to the class for a group experience?

Yes of course, we can have up to 6 people in each session. However each participant has to register individually. The duration of the class can be extended according to the number of participants we have in each session.

Do you have any after class support system?

Yes, you can reach out to me on my email, social media and get in touch through my salon. I am making a special member’s only facebook group where I will be connecting with all of my clients and members and helping you all in every way possible.

How do I book multiple online sessions with you?

We can plan any next classes you may need while we are in a meeting. But it depends on what you really need. I have worked with clients who thought they needed a lot more coaching, but were already feeling amazing in 2nd or 3rd class. Just tell me what you need and we will organize it.

About me

Having worked with hundreds of men and women and have changed hundreds of lives, I have developed an inherent need for great customer service, passion in the work I do and compassion towards my clients. I believe in complete hair care, not just styling your hair to look great at an event, I want you to look and feel amazing 24/7.

This is why I believe that every woman should know the right kinds of products along with the right kind of caring methods. I feel honored to empower African – American women to become comfortable in being their natural selves.

Through my online trainings and consultancy, I want to make every day hair care stress free and empowering for everyone, starting with you.


Professional. Great work. I’m tender headed and she is able to work on my hair without pain/discomfort to me. her recommendations have improved the health and moisture of my hair. Would recommend.


Ziyadah and team are just wonderful! Ziyadah is super gentle on my hair and makes sure I leave the salon 100% satisfied… Every time. If you need care for your hair, do yourself a favor and go see them.


”As I always say Ziyadah is the consummate professional. Her professionalism, enthusiasm and caring personality will make your visit calming, peaceful and worthwhile!!! A customer for life!!!!“


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